welcome to military ministries

At Scotsdale, we have a great love and appreciation for all our military service members and their families. That is why we are dedicated to supporting our military and families at home and overseas. We provide support and services to all active U.S. Military Personnel and their families and to all of our Veterans.   Please feel free to join us on this website, Facebook, and in our church services and activities.

Watchcare ministry program

At Scotsdale, we have a WatchCare ministry program that allows believers from other congregations to connect with Scotsdale without requiring full membership.  WatchCare programs allow individuals to identify with a church - participating in worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, and service without transferring membership from their home church.  WatchCare membership is designed to provide temporary, conditional, or unofficial association with a local church. If an individual receives WatchCare membership in a church, he/she would be allowed to be in a worship team, perhaps, or teach a Sunday school class.  The individual’s “official” membership would remain with his/her church back home but, in the meantime, the person could fill a valued position in his/her interim church. The benefit of a WatchCare ministry is that it allows Christians who are away from their home church to have a “home away from home” among fellow believers. WatchCare ministries that provide connections, welcome visitors, and unify the Body of Christ are biblical. 

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”  - Psalm 133:1


Mail Call –  Send cards and packages to the deployed service members.  Make telephone calls, stay in touch, and support families of those who remain while service members are deployed.

Liaison – Coordinate activities with church staff, church office, and Military Ministry Leaders.  Greet, escort, visit, be a friend, adopt a military family, and provide ministry fairs.

Events – Participate in holidays:  July 4th, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Armed Forces Day and Veterans’ Day.  Display U.S. flag, Christian flag, Military flags, and other appropriate flags on the flag poles in the church courtyard.

Protocol/Programs – Provide activities to support the Military Service Banner program and the Fallen Comrades Program.

Get involved and help us reach our Fort Bliss military community for Christ.  We need a few good men and women in this ministry!  Contact the church office for more information.