standing committees

At this time, the many programs and functions of Scotsdale would not be possible without the service of church members on the various committees. While we have committees, our church constitution specifies three Standing Committees tasked with the most important duties to keep Scotsdale running smoothly. The Standing Committees are: the Finance Committee, the Personnel Committee, and the Building and Grounds Committee. Each committee has seven members who serve two-year terms and no person may serve on more than one Standing Committee. Here are brief descriptions of each Committee:

  • The Finance Committee oversees the financial affairs of the church and makes related recommendations. Their responsibility includes the church budget, spending, and donations.

  • The Personnel Committee makes recommendations to the church related to paid staff members, develops a Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual, and monitors compliance to said Manual.

  • The Building and Grounds Committee oversees construction and coordinates maintenance of the buildings and grounds to provide an attractive, welcoming appearance and positive Christian testimony to the community.