P6 September 6, 2020

In recognition of this Labor Day, I want to take some time to thank God, and thank those who work to keep this country moving.  When COVID-19 came calling, our country came to a standstill—or did it?  The country designated some jobs as “essential”.  Those who were given such a designation accepted the risks and went to work.  Many others found ways to remain productive by finding ways to work from home, accelerating what was already becoming a trend.  Some of our major industries reformatted their machines to provide products that the medical field desperately needed.  While some products became virtually unnecessary others took off as a necessity.

The country has come back to life because we refused to ever quit living.  Even now in the midst of a volatile political campaign that brings out the worst in politicians, and amid the chaos of violent riots, continuing pandemic concerns, and everything associated with these issues, we still get up each morning, get ourselves prepared to meet the day, and go to work!

With all of our challenges, I am so grateful to live in this nation where more people are trying to get in than are trying to get out.  My encouragement to us is to continue to work; but as we work, we must continue to pray that God would bless us with a spiritual awakening.  He is the only One who can truly save us!


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