P6 July 5, 2020

Well, this Independence Day is going to be unique! Many people will celebrate their independence by remaining cooped up in their homes, afraid to venture out amid the threat of the pandemic. There will be no parades, no organized park events, and no fireworks shows as usual. But for followers of Jesus Christ, the Fourth of July is not where our freedom comes from!

Recently I have been listening to a podcast called “God, People, Stories”. This is a production of the Bil-ly Graham Evangelistic Association. I encourage you to subscribe and listen. You can hear to so many in-teresting stories about how people found their true freedom in Jesus Christ. The stories are so inspiring, and I think you would be motivated to live out your faith by hearing about God’s work in other people’s lives. Jesus said in John 8:36, “So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed”. So no matter what your situation is this coming July 4th, Happy Independence Day “Christian”! Celebrate from a heavenly perspective.


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