P6 August 23, 2020

I want to share a great story with you…. A man went to the bank to deposit some cash.  The day was windy, and when the man placed the deposit in the drawer a $10 bill separated itself from the rest of the deposit and went quickly flew out of sight.  The man making the deposit was a little upset, but quickly thought to himself, “Well, I guess someone else needed that $10 more than I did”.  Still, he couldn’t help but watch to see if perhaps the money had somehow gotten caught in a visible, retrievable place.  Nothing doing!  Again came the thought, “Someone else needed that money more than me.”

The next day the man received a call from someone at the bank where he made his deposit.  The bank teller on the other end of the line explained that he was the teller who had waited on him the day before.  He said that, after work, he was heading to his car and found the missing $10 bill.  He had deposited the ten dollars into the man’s account.

Surprised by the fact that the money had been found, and the fact of who found it, and what the finder did with it, the man instantly shared his appreciation for the integrity of the bank teller.  The man who was now ten dollars richer expressed to the teller how much he appreciated what he had done.  He said that it really wasn’t about the money, it was about what the teller had done.  Ten dollars is ten dollars, but integrity is priceless!

The teller could easily have reasoned that the man didn’t need the money as much as he did, and that no one would know the difference.  He could have easily pocketed the money and gone on his way…but he didn’t!  He chose integrity over convenience.

By-the-way, this is no parable, this is a true story!  I am the man making the deposit, and who lost the money.  God bless those who labor honestly, especially this young teller who did the right thing!  Matthew 6:4b – “…your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”


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