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We believe Sunday School to be a foundational strategy in a local church for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building on-mission Christians through open Bible Study Groups that engage people in evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, and worship.  At Scotsdale we express this as a three-step discipleship process:  “Meeting GOD, Listening to GOD, and Doing What GOD Says.”

Please note: because of the response to COVID-19 we have temporarily suspended most ministry meetings, including Sunday School. Please continue to monitor our social media, website, and church calendar, or contact the church office for future plans to restart classes.

The class list below is subject to change when we restart classes.

List of Adult Sunday School Classes


Men of Iron

  • Teacher, John Rider
  • For adult men
  • Communication methods: phone
  • Notes: We follow a study guide called Bible Study for Life with personal input and discussion.


Ages and Stages

  • Teacher, Dwaina Six
  • For adult women in any age and stage of life
  • Communication methods: text, email, GroupMe, and Facebook
  • Notes: Our all-ages class starts with prayer time, followed by a lesson geared toward growing as women and disciples in Christ. We are a close group of sisters who share hurts and joys together. We use different tools but our main study text is God’s Word.
  • Other meeting times: Every quarter (at least) we have a class get-together, usually at someone’s home.

Friendship Class

  • Teacher, Norman Newman
  • For adult women of any age, but most are over 50
  • On Sunday mornings we sing a couple of songs out of the hymnal, then one of our teachers leads the lesson which is out of Lifeway literature. We also contribute to different church ministries, such as Mexico missions.
  • Other meeting times: Every couple of months we get together at someone’s home.

Young Adults:

New Journeys

  • Teachers,
  • For: men and women who are post-high school through age 28 or so (not a hard rule)
  • Communication methods: texting, GroupMe, Facebook
  • Notes: We are going through the Bible one book at a time (in order from Genesis to Revelation). We are currently studying the book of Romans.
  • Other meeting times: We try to get together once a month on a Friday night or a Saturday to hang out, play games, go bowling…

Co-Ed Adults:

Growing Godly Families

  • Teachers,
  • For: adult men and women
  • Communication methods: email and Facebook
  • Notes: Our class’s general focus is on encouraging each other to pursue a greater knowledge of and intimacy with Jesus Christ. Our Sunday studies vary but are firmly grounded in gaining deeper understanding of God’s Word. Close relationships are built on commonalities of family and support from each other.
  • Other meeting times: regular fellowships

M.A.S.A. – Median Age Single Adults

  • Teacher, Jim Davis
  • For single men and women middle-aged and older
  • Notes: In this class we use Lifeway materials and group discussion.

Master Learners

  • Teacher,
  • This class is not gender- or marital-specific. It is also not age-specific; however, it is a high level class so participants should be adults.
  • This class is teacher-led based on Scriptures and a verse-by-verse Book study. We are currently studying the book of Daniel. The class is taught from a perspective of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God with a focus on exegetical cross-referencing and exposition showing the Scriptures in at least 4 dimensions: surface history, homiletic (personal application), Christ prophetic (all Scripture is Christ prophetic in one way or another), and mystically perfect (God’s Holy Spirit has engineered the text to be linguistically, mathematically, prophetically, and conceptually perfect in every aspect of it).

Mustard Seed Class

  • Teacher, Rusty Hall
  • For adult men and women
  • We’re like a big family and are aware of each other’s needs.
  • Other meeting times: regular fellowships


  • Teacher,
  • For adult men and women
  • Our lessons come directly from the Bible.

Clase en Español

  • Teacher, Myrna Rider
  • For men and women 30+
  • Our material is Nueva Vida En Cristo Volumes 1-4
  • Other meeting times: Two members of this class go and visit young mothers. They have a short devotional, sing praise songs, and pray with the mothers according to their situations.