March 2020

Medical checkups are not fun.  They ask personal questions. They weigh you.  They poke and prod. They take your blood. Then they charge you money for what they just did to you!  Then you have to go back to them so they can give you the results. “You need to lose weight. You need to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.  You need to get more exercise, more water, and more rest. Have a great day and we’ll see you in six months!” Then they charge you money for what they just told you!

Medical checkups are not fun, but they are important in helping you to stay or get healthy if you do what you are told.  If Scotsdale Baptist Church were to go to the Spiritual Doctor, and He gave us a checkup, what do you think we would hear from Him?  What do you think He would tell us to do in order to be healthy?

Acts 2:41-47 gives us a good description of what a healthy church should look like.  During the month of March we are going to glean instruction from this passage.  Then, based on what we learn, I pray that we will make whatever adjustments are necessary to be the people God wants us to be.  God loves us and wants only the very best for us, even if the process is difficult.


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