March 2017

Throughout the four books in the Bible focusing on the life of Jesus, people were noted as saying that they were amazed by His teaching and His authority.  How long has it been since you have been amazed by Jesus.  Two songs come to my mind as I am writing this—one is an old hymn, and the other is a contemporary song.  The hymn’s title is “I Stand Amazed in the Presence” (…of Jesus the Nazarene).  The contemporary song simply says, “Lord I’m Amazed By You” (…how You love me).

We have carved out the dates of April 22-25th for a series of meetings called “Encounter Christ Revival.”  It is my sincere hope that God will use this series to help us to have a special encounter with our Lord Jesus.

In preparation for this series I have invited a team of ministers to come and help us.  The preacher for this event is Jonathan Hewett.  Jonathan is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Carrizo Springs, TX.  God has used him to help others encounter Christ in many other countries as well as throughout the U.S.  The singers for our event are Sherman and Tammy Aten.  They have been with us on several occasions as they travel extensively with their message of Christ through music.

As this team comes to join us for this series there is something we can do to help them to be refreshed and energized.  I would like for us to begin praying RIGHT NOW for them and for this event.   As we are praying, I know they would be so blessed to hear from us that we are praying for them.  So—I want to challenge you to go to their respective websites and reach out to them.  Their sites have been given below, and each site has a menu bar with an option to connect with them.  Please send them a message to let them know that you are praying for them and for Scotsdale.  As we prepare for this event, please pray that God would have His way with us!  Here is how you can find out more about this team, their ministries, and how to connect with them:

  • Jonathan Hewett at
  • Sherman and Tammy Aten at

God bless you for your prayers and participation.  I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do if we will let Him!

Thankful to serve as your pastor,


P.S.  Right now Sherman Aten and a team of men are scheduled to go on a mission trip to a place that is potentially volatile.  God knows where they will be, but let’s pray for their safety and that God would use them to bear much fruit for His kingdom.


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