Aug 2016

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August 2016

About the time that I was transitioning from Youth Ministry into the Pastorate a study was making some huge waves across the Southern Baptist Convention.  The name of the study was “Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God.”  Dwaina and I completed the study on our own and it revolutionized our relationship with God!

The contents of this study has some important information that any Christian should know about and implement into their lives.   Therefore I am going to take the month of August to share seven realities about experiencing God.  If you will take these principles to heart and apply them to your life, you will truly experience God in a new, challenging, and refreshing way.

The beauty of the truths from this topic is not only for every individual follower of Christ, it is for every church claiming to be the body of Christ!  Through this month you will hear accounts from the Bible about people who came to know God in a powerful way as He revealed His will to them.  You will hear stories about contemporary churches who grew in their faith as a body of believers as they aligned themselves with God’s will and call on the life of the church.  You will learn how to examine your own life as to where you are in your personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.  You will learn how to see where God has used past events in your life to take you to where you are today.

When we as Christ’s followers and as a church quit trying to lead God and begin to let God lead us we will see Him do things that only He can do, that only He could get the credit and the praise for!

I hope and pray that you will commit yourself and your family to attend every Sunday of this series.  I am getting excited in just writing about it.  It is going to be a GREAT refresher for me, and I believe it will be a challenging and motivating teaching tool in your life as well.

I have to warn you of this one thing—God is not a status quo God!  You cannot take this information to heart and not be changed.  So as we begin this series, buckle up and get ready to see how seven realities can lead you, and Scotsdale Baptist Church, to Experience God!

I love you brothers and sisters.  God bless you!