Feb 2, 2020

The most noted date in February is the 14 th , Valentine’s Day—unless, of course for you, you were born on another day in February. Valentine’s Day is synonymous with LOVE. I have heard that more cards and flowers are given on this day than on any other day in America. If nothing else, this day recognizes that a fundamental need for all people is the need to be loved.

What so many people fail to realize is that their deep need for love cannot be totally fulfilled in a person. This need can only be fulfilled by God. And too many people will falsely assume that God does not or cannot love them. Actually, quite the opposite is true—God cannot NOT love you! The apostle John stated that “God is love.” For you to say that God cannot love you is to say that God cannot be Himself, and that is impossible!

The most wonderful and fulfilling thing you can do is to receive the love that God has for you as expressed in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ! Happy God Loves You Day—this one is celebrated everyday (Lamentations 3:22-23).


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